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Ford 2004 Freestyle

I just had a leaking transmission seal replaced and I was told by the mecanic that the Freestyle was notorious for leaking. Is that correct?? Will this car need lots of repairs if I keep it. Thanks!

Keep an eye on the fluid level–check it at least once per month from now on. Any aging car will need lots of repairs (or more likely maintenance) if you keep it. Mechanics say a lot of things.

Older vehicles always require maintenance. It’s the nature of the beast. I require more maintenance now than I did when I was 18, too, so I can’t blame a car for needing more. Keep an amount handy for future repairs, keep up with the services, and motor on. There’s another thread here talking about when to retire a vehicle. It varies for just about everyone, but maybe some tips in there can assist you in your decision.

Having said all that, unless you done some very serious driving (I have 129K on my '04 now), you don’t have an old car yet. I’ve never been a Ford fan, but I don’t really think they’re that much worse than anything else.

Good luck,

Thanks alot for the info. I have been having coolant lights go on for the last three months but the mechanic says its just a sensor.

Personally, that would drive me batty. If it’s indeed just a sensor, I’d replace it. for a low coolant level, there should just be an electric switch. change it out, and don’t let the light keep flashing. I hope you’re checking the coolant level yourself (when it’s cool)…along with the engine oil. Basic checks once a week can save you lots of aggravation and prevent something that could have gone wrong for lack of 5 minutes of your time.

2004 Freestyle? Is it a Freestar? Can’t find anything in 2004 for a freestyle.

Edit: The Freestyle had a 3 year run…2005 to 2007. So if you bought it new, in '04, it would be an '05 Freestyle.