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Single mom trying to buy a new car

I am looking at a 07 Ford Freestyle to buy. It has a knocking noise in the front when turning the wheel. Other than that it drives GREAT,I have a concern about high mileage. 89000 for an 07 WOW thats alot Can someone out there help me

I wouldn’t touch it with a stick, If this van has that many miles without the transmission fluid ever being changed. Get proof of service records, a car fax report, check the condition of transmission fluid, and have car checked over by a independent shop.

I agree, this van has 2 strikes against it, see what else you can find.

Car dealer or private seller?

What does the seller say about the noise?

Unless you have a stack of maintenance records to prove this vehicle was properly taken care of I think you should try to find another one. It’s not the only Freestyle on the used car market.

Known problems and strange noises are good reasons NOT to buy a particular vehicle. Someone could have driven this thing for two years and nearly 90Kk miles with little or no service.

There’s nothing wrong with a Freestyle, but you don’t want to buy something that has been neglected.

Yes, find a clean, trouble-free one, a year or two older is fine, that’s better than a newer one with problems. Cars are pretty reliable as long as they’ve been well-maintained, and this one obviously hasn’t.

Whatever you buy once your heart is set on it, pay a (trusted hopefully) mechanic for check over.

89k is a lot of miles unless this is really cheap. Check for realistic selling prices (not asking).

I agree with Andrew.
That is a HUGE number of miles within two years.
IF you can substantiate that ALLof the required maintenance has been done, and IF this vehicle is really cheap for a 2007 vehicle, then perhaps you might consider it. However, those are a lot of “ifs”.

Try to remember that used cars are like city buses. Another one will be along shortly, so why take a chance on one that is questionable?

Unless the seller can tell you what that noise is, I’d run from it.
89k miles is about 30k per year if they bought it new in 06, should be mostly highway miles, but it could also have been used to deliver pizzas everyday.

The 89K miles in what could easily be almost three years is not at all uncommon in my part of the country. I’ve known folks to drive 45 miles for a cup of coffee. As stated earlier, the owner could easily have bought it in the fall of '06. Just be sure it’s been highway miles, and not some mistreated company owned service or delivery vehicle. Can you talk directly to the former owner? Get it checked out by a pro, and don’t be afraid of it IF the price is CONSIDERABLY discounted for the miles. Check out for realistic used car prices.

The noise you hear when turning is PROBABLY worn CV joints. If the seller won’t fix it before the sale, get a good diagnosis and estimates for fixing it before you buy it.

Love your “wouldn’t touch it with a stick”, answer, americar. Sounds like good advice to me. Why buy a vehicle already knowing it has problems? What other problems is the knock masking?