2005 Ford Freestyle

My freestyle has 239K on it and the it has been infrequently having periods of starting the car and having no drive and then turning it off and every thing is fine when you start again. The other day it stuck in 3rd gear and wouldn’t go above 50. We stopped the car and started it and ran fine but the check engine and transmission light came on. Does this car have a long time to live??? Thanks!

I’m doubting it, but you could get the codes read. Have you ever had the transmission drained and filter changed? If not, you could start there. Only about $80 here in Ga.

Car is not dead. Nothing a new trans won’t fix. You refer to it as soon to be dead. As in junked?

It might only need a proper xmssion service is all. Or maybe just the fluid is lo. Have the codes read, and if they point to the xmission, but don’t identify the exact problem, it’s probably worth it to schedule a proper xmission service, which means they will drop the pan, clean/change the filter, and refill w/new fluid.