For Men only


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Filler text to get 10 characters


With video from bus

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Don’t usually see a “pole” with a stop sign on it.

Well, it made em stop. By gawd.

I think an extraction is in order, don’t you?

First time I’ve seen a dental Building with a large CAVITY!!!

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Anyone remember the movie Freebe and Bean?

That’s one way I guess to jack up the truck for a tire change.

And I thought you guys had lost your sense of humor.

I don’t think that’s the manufacturer’s approved jacking point though. But hey, if it works.

ready for the flood

You gotta know that some women like me will be very curious about the title of this. I made sure the pics were rated PG before I went too far in reading, though. Interesting posts with pics.

You have to come up with a title, I don’t know why that just popped into my head.