Car Flies About 60 Feet Into Upper Floor of a Building in California

Flying car!

If driver had brains working, he might get a concussion? :slight_smile:

Well, they said we’d have flying cars any day now…

Golly gee, batman!!

There’s a very funny scene in the Movie Freebie and Bean circa (1974) starring Alan Arkin and James Caan.

There were San Francisco detectives…and this one scene they were chasing some car and then they’ve flew off the highway into apartment building - right into some old couples bedroom.

I’m paraphrasing now…But the conversation went something like this.

Freebie and Bean step out of car and asks the couple if they could use their phone.

Bean then gets on the phone and calls for a tow- truck. “Send a truck to 5th and Irving” (don’t remember the actual address). Then he opens the door of the apartment and says “Apartment 3B”.

I’m not doing the scene justice…but it was very funny.

So… then it wasn’t a drive-in Dental Office?

now it is :slight_smile:

I wonder how fast the car was going to sail 60-feet in the air and slam through a second story window.

“Excess speed may have been a factor.”


Excessive speed was a factor. I checked my math.

Now that pot is legal for recreatioanal use in many states, perhaps we’ll see an increase in these “incidents”

Yep, flying high in Kalifornia. More to come. Always something. Riots, drought, fire, rain, mud slides, earthquakes. Gotta start to wonder if there is something in the water.

Saw this on the morning news. Luke and Bo Duke are hanging their heads in shame.

No pestilence yet. That’s next.