Followers falling off car


why would followers come off a grand marqui?


What is a follower?


after a leader



Google Sir Isaac Newton.


To get to the other side?


Do you mean you have followers and they are climbing on your car?


Maybe followers are parts falling off.


That’s no car. It’s a bandwagon.


Well if they are parts, and they are followers, that car has ‘issues’.


I seem to remember almost falling off my high school friend’s station wagon; but I wasn’t following, I was riding on the roof.


Maybe because you gunned the engine, and they couldn’t hang on? Do you mean, like a real Grand Marquis, like in the King’s court? It may be the Grand Marquis fell out of favor with the King. You know how fickle some kings and queens are.


What is a grand marqui? Is it anything like a Grand Marquis?


hahaha - add that “new” car name to the list!


Yes, we can add that to the incredible number of people who think that they are driving a “Camary”, or an “Impressa”, or a “La Sabra”, or…
A while back, someone posted a question about a “Grand Marquee”, and I didn’t know if he was asking about a large covering in front of a movie theater or a car. I guess that this one (grand marqui) was not quite as bizarre.


Time out guys. This poor fella probably has a real problem and just doesn’t know the terminology.

Can you describe what fell off?


All of these responses and no one knows what a cam follower is?


Abnormal wear is the biggest reason that Ford mod motors lose their cam followers. This motor didn’t happen to lose a headgasket or intake gasket, did it? If it did and coolant pumped through the oiling system, that can wear things enough to let the follower mechanism slip out of place.


if this guy cant formulate a cohesive intelligent question and description how in blazes would they know even where to look for a cam follower, or where it was (or was not)?


AND, he’s so attentive and responsive to his own post that we can assume he’s not overly concerned with it, or with us!


Don’t forget all the owners of “Volkswagons” and “Cameros” out there. And is a Buick Rivera related to Geraldo?


My car needs a new catholic converter.