Camaro Mirrors that will break off

I saw one of the false Camaros today and I see why the external rear view mirrors can break off when the hard blowing water and air hit them when the car goes through the no-touch car wash. The stalk is way too thin. A whole new aftermarket industry may arise because of bad engineering. Don’t let friends borrow your new Camaro; If they slam the door, it may cost somebody a friendship and a big repair bill.

A whole new aftermarket industry may arise because of bad engineering.

That’s what happened with their intake-manifold problem. Poor design = aftermarket coming to the rescue.

If this post is in regards to the prior one about a Camaro mirror falling off then tell me where in that post the OP said anything about the mirror “breaking off”. They did not say this at all and simply stated the mirror was hanging by the electrical cord with the 3 attachment bolts still intact and in good shape.

When a few more questions were posed in an attempt to get the always missing details the OP never responded back.
A hanging mirror with 3 intact attachment bolts tells me this mirror was snagged by the car wash brushes or was scraped alongside something on the way in which led to the bolt heads being pulled through the door skin.

Note this mirror was being replaced, not simply reattached. This means it was damaged beyond repair and simply touching it up with paint was not an option.
This mirror did not get damaged beyond repair by simply “falling off”.

At a car show this weekend (and due to that original post) I looked at a new SS on display there and saw nothing in the mirror design to lead me to believe that it’s bad. Take a look at this; it’s the same basic design that’s been around for decades and not just on Camaros.

I think it is possible to get a really powerful engine in the Camaro so that there won’t be anybody in viewing range behind you. This makes the rear view mirrors unncessary.

Is it not amazing how somebody can post something with no details and what verbage is included does not make sense but still people assume it is gospel? It makes me wonder how much people pay attention to detail among other things.

Ha ha, judging from the way a lot of people drive, they don’t use them anyway.

Any excuse to pile on. Who needs those little irritants called “details”.

The mirrors on the '79 Z28 I’ve got at my house mount in the same manner and they haven’t fallen off yet. Maybe I better get out the duct tape just to make sure…

Happy to see some posts. I had none for an entire day so I wondered if the subject matter was dull and uninteresting. So after rereading the original posta about the mirrors with the screws pulling out. It could be that the base of the mirror is too small. This would give the mirror too much leverage, causing it to pull the mirror off the screws and strip the holes out.

If this is a chronic problem, we will hear a lot more about it. Seeing the picture provided by ok4450, it does look like the studs are too close together. I would bet that the problem will be widespread. Does the mirror need guy wires?

I can’t see how they think they can get $170 for a mirror with broken glass

Imagine how much he’d be asking if the glass WASN’T cracked!

maybe if the crack was in the shape of Jesus or Elvis, he might have a chance

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