Folding hardtops?

I’m interested in the BMW 3 series, Volvo C70 and VW Eos with the folding steel roof, but am wondering about long term reliability. I can imagine the thing leaking, the complicated mechanism turning into a nightmare. Also the turbo engines ? any feedback would be welcome

If you are looking at the Eos you ought to look at the Pontiac G6, too. Are you sure you want a solid drop top? They reduce trunk space more than soft top convertibles. The upscale soft tops are very quiet, too. If you are open to soft tops, I suggest you look at the Audi A4, MB 350CLK and the Toyota Camry Solara SLE. At least test drive them to see how quiet they are. The Solara is as quiet as a hard top.

Modern turbo engines are perfectly fine if the owner performs timely oil changes with properly spec’d engine oil. There is a slight bit of extra complexity however with respect to the turbo portion of engine they are quite reliable across manufacturers. Typical problems arise mainly from owner neglect.

not only oil spec, but proper grade of gasoline as well. How many threads are there asking about why they should use 91+ octane in their $40k performance vehicle

Did you end up getting any of these cars? I’m looking at the VW Eos and trying to get info.