2010 Volkswagen Eos - Thumbs up or down?



I am considering a Volkswagen Eos, I would like to know if these are reliable cars, and if there are any particular years to avoid. I have read they have trouble with the convertible tops but I would like to know if this is really a problem, if you own one would you buy another one?


You can check on the common issues at CarComplaints, but there are none. It’s a Golf/Jetta aside from the roof. Having owned a retractable hardtop (Lexus), I would not own a complicated one again. If they do have any issues they can be pretty pricey to get readjusted. Also, if you are ever hit in the rear half of the car you can pretty much forget about it working right again.


I’d pass, besides the complex/expensive to fix roof, it’s a 8 year old VW, not my choice for a used car. How about a Miata?


There’s a response to a similar question in the eos forum at vwvortex.com. the top needs some care but the owner that’s replied seems to be having.good luck so far.


Any 8 year old and complicated German car is a crapshoot, and I would steer away from it. Any repair will cost much more than on a typical Japanese or US car.


2010 Golf and 2010 Jetta rate below average reliability according to CR survey data. Fuel system, climate system, and in-car electronics much worse than average. Cooling system much better.


It is a used car, and if you want it just have a mechanic check it for any obvious flaws . Operate the roof and if it is smooth and does not make any strange sounds buy it and enjoy. No one has any idea what will happen to a 8 year old vehicle of any brand.

Your odds are 50/50 - it will either be a decent car or it won’t .