Foglight Alignment



I have an 04 Chev Colorado with OE fog lights [GM Part #15898306] and need to vertically align. I do not see any set screw to adjust. How can these lights be adjusted? Thanks!


Did you want to raise or lower the beam?


I need to lower the beam. It shines equally as high as my low beam. The right side is fine, just the driver’s side.


Sometimes, with these accessory lamps, you must shim the mounting points to adjust them.


I want to compliment you on your desire to properly adjust the fog lights. I’ve been blinded by too many not properly adjusted.


My thoughts too…That’s why I asked if the lights were going up or down…


Shim it is. This model only has two mounting bolts on the top of the assembly. Removed them and shimmed below the bolts. Will need to test in dark tonight but I think this will do it. Thanks again!