Fog light wiring - Pathfiner 2004


I have a Nissan Pathfinder 2004 (3.5 V6) and i was installing fog lights. I bought a set that comes with all the wires snd relay… I installed everything and set up the wiring except for one connector (picture). I couldnt find where it should go. After some research i found that i should tap into the ignition circuit. Im kind of new to diy car maintenace and repairs (in the elctrical part) i am kind of hesitant of cutting out the connect and tapping the wire (which i also am not sure of how to do it properly)

The connector is connect to the switch from one side and the relay from the other

Any help would be welcome


Is the kit supposed to directly connect to the vehicle’s wiring harness? If so and yours didn’t come with factory fog lights, you are going to have to cut off that plug and tap into the appropriate wires.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Im actually not sure… The kit i bought did not come with any instructions unfortunately. I think i will need to cut that wire. The issue im facing now is to either tap it to an existing circuit (no idea how tbh) or fuse using the piggyback fuse? Not sure if that should work, or lastly connecting directly to the battery but id rather have the ignition.

Any advice or instructions online you know about, to know how to tap it into the existing circuit?


You might find this resource handy for WHERE to tap into your wiring:

Have someone who is more confident with electrical systems do the install. If you mess with the wrong wire, this could get really expensive really quickly.


Fog lights are supposed to be wired so they only come on with the low beam headlights. That’s where you would tap in for the relay trigger.

Years ago fog lights were a common add-on accessory. As I recall the ground wire for the control circuit of the relay was connected to the high beam headlight circuit, when the high beams are switched on the ground is lost, fog lights switch off. I believe that was a yellow wire, examine the position of the wires on the relay.