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2001 Ford Focus Problem Starting

Almost every time I start my 2001 Ford Focus, it won’t start. The starter functions but the engine won’t start. I have to pump it, give it gas, and once it starts, it’s perfectly fine, no stalling, no problems after that. That is until I turn the engine off. When I go to start it again, say after doing an errand or two, it may or may not happen again throughout the day, the problem only occurring when I attempt to start it. Any suggestions?

Next time leave the gas pedal alone. Just turn the key to the run position (dash lights light up but no crank), wait a couple of seconds and listen for a hum; key back off; key back on; off; on…hum each time. Do it about 6-7 times, then crank. If it fires right up then you need to replace the fuel pump (bad check valve).

When you come back, preferably after that little experiment, be sure to actually tell us something about the car - like its mileage, and how old its spark plugs & wires, filters are - basically everything you have about the basic maintenance items.