Focus Clutch Pedal Return Spring

So, I think that my clutch pedal return spring broke yesterday in my Focus 07 Hatchback when I was at a stop sign. I let out the clutch and felt and heard something like a small cable breaking. Now the clutch still operates fine, but it is softer than before. If it is indeed that little spring, can I still drive it around for a few days until I can get it to the dealer?

If the vehicle is out of warranty then take the car to a good independent mechanic. They should be able to install a new spring in a short amount of time. I would not take the Focus on a road trip however. I would also pull the clutch pedal up with your foot ever now and then while driving to make sure the clutch is fully engaged.

Just in case, if you have alternate transportation, I wouldn’t take the chance. Or, do what missleman suggests. According to the talkfordforum, it may be in a pretty awkward place. I would at least google it’s location and check for sure. Start here…