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Clutch Spring broke 82000 honda element

It has been a GREAT car! No problems and then at 82000 with no warning, the clutch froze and wouldn’go into gear. I coasted into the dealer and learned, after analysis, that one spring had broken. The clutch still had 40% on it, but one spring had snapped. I saw it. They replaced with a Honda Clutch disk with new pilot bushing, throw-out bearing, rear main seal, pressure plate, and manual transmission fluid. This description is taken from the invoice.

So, my question is, could my driving have caused this? A friend, the other day, said I am waiting too long to shift to 2nd and it could cause the problem, he thought. I usuall shift around 3000, but now am shifting from 1st to 2nd at 15mph per manual. I thought the only problem with delaying shifting was poor gas mileage, as long as I didn’t go into red, which I don’t. I want to prolong the life of this new clutch and want to make sure I am treating it gently.

Has anyone heard of the clutch spring defect? Thanks!

No. I’ve got you beat as my VW Type 3 Fastback clutch spring only lasted about 3500 miles. Right after it was replaced…the clutch cable broke…right in the middle of my honeymoon trip to Florida. Parts break…very little of them do because of “defects.”

Thanks so you think it just happens sometimes and not because of driving or defect?

Yes, just happens sometime. Keeping the car in gear up to 3000 rpm is absolutely normal, and had no impact on the spring life.