Focus back talk

I have two 2009 stick Focus SE 4drs (one for me and one for the Mrs.) Both are PZEV. Mine, with 66k runs great; hers, with 43k talks back when under initial load. When starting up from a stop or up shifting in any gear we get a snorting or knock in the 1000 -1500 rpm range. Once above 1500 rpm all is quiet. The funny thing is that if it is raining out, the noise does not occur. The car is also an absolute dog on any hill, putting the pedal to the floor does absolutely nothing (no knock, either) Having an identical car myself, and not experiencing these two things, I would guess that something is amiss. Any ideas of what might be the cause? Thanks

Many possible problems to be thought of. You may even have knocking noises from sources in the engine or on the engine which may cause the knock sensor to retard the ignition timing. Is it a knock you’re hearing like a bad engine mount of knocks like pre-ignition? My other idea always has to do with computers but I always think like that.

The noise is kind of three sounds in one: a low moan, sound of air being snorted/passed as if you flutter your tongue, and a clunk,clunk clunk clunk in quick succession . all rolled into one. The interesting thing as I mentioned before is that when it rains, it doesn’t happen. I have been taking my kid to his summer job every day this week… Same road, same time of day, same load in the car. Two days it was dry and I have the noise; two days it was actually raining, not real hard but enough for the wipers, and it doesn’t act up. I am wondering the same thing on the Knock sensor or timing being faulty. It might also explain the doggedness on hills. Thanks for your input.