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Focus 2010 rust?

hi. i own a focus2010, with 50k miles on it im the original owner.
rust started to form below the passenger door ( rocker)
what can i do, and whats the expected price? ( canada)

Yep, I saw a few Focus with the same problem. Get a couple of quotes from local body shops but don’t expect miracles because rust never sleep.

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Unless you know how to do body work almost nothing you can do. You only see a small portion of the rust. As for the cost only a body shop can determine that.


That is quite bad. They need to cut and weld new sheet metal to do a proper job.

should I just try to quick repair it and sell the car before it gets out of hand

You could do cosmetic repair if you are handy with fiberglass cloth and body filler.You need to use fiberstrand body filler because its waterproof.Bondo makes it and is available everywhere.Just make sure you remove most of the rust with a grinder and wire wheel attachment…a drill is ok if you don’t have a grinder.I live in Canada also.

After locating all the rust, cutting out all the rusted sheet metal, WELDING in new sheet metal, painting the new sheet metal, the cost to repair would be more than the vehicle is worth.

Just drive the vehicle, and don’t worry about the rust.



what is that even worth ( the car)

You will have to use what ever Canada has that is like Kelley Blue Book and look at online ads near you.

If it is more than its worth to repair it I would slap on POR15 so that it lasts as long as possible. Wont be beautiful but better than buying a new car right away.

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Looking at the photos, I can see scratches in the paint.

And it doesn’t look like the vehicle is washed/waxed on regular basis.

And the rust is so bad, I can see another cars tire in the background thru one of the rust holes.


i dont wash it indeed lol, but beside that rust the paint isnt scratched or anything out of the norm for a 8 year old car. this is my off car on which i drive max 5,000km per year. i find it sad that a car on which i have yet to replace a tire or a flasher is deemed doom! i dont know whats a por15, but i wont drive a circus ride either loll

oh that dent wad made by me trying to lift the car from there 2 change 2 winter tire at a time, safe to say i abandoned the project on the first pump lolll

Your tires are past due for replacement just because of age.

tossed them away yesterday

POR15 is at your auto parts store. Does a good job of slowing down rust/preventing more rust. Clean it, put it on. Paint over it.

i was quoted a 750$ cdn for 1 rocker replacement ( include removal of the old rocker, instalation of a slipon rocker and paint. the car in my area is worth anywhere from 3000 to 5000$ ,
. worth it or not? this car is used only to go to work daily (10km /day), i have a big newer suv for the family stuff

if i dont do anything how long till the car just falls into pieces

Considering that rocker panel you showed us is a goner, I’d be worried a lot more of the car is in similar shape

I’d be tempted to pay a shop to inspect it, which should include putting it on the lift