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09 Ford Focus rocker panel replacement cost

Just wondering what it would cost to have a new rocker panel put on my 09 focus. I’m in Ontario, Canada. Thanks

Sorry, but there is not an even a close guess to this question. A body shop is going to see how much work is it going to take and if the part is easily sourced.

Oh ok thanks for the reply

Figure more than $1000 Canadian. Could be WAY more depending on if the rocker is damaged or rusted. Rusted means there may be a LOT more rust underneath that will add to the repair.

I agree. Since very little information was given in the original question then I can only guess. However, if rust IS the reason for replacement and since the vehicle is 8 or 9 years old it could prove not practical or wise to consider a replacement.

If it has not already been done, I’d have the entire car, particularly the entire under-side evaluated for condition. Getting a good evaluation, then I’d have a couple of auto body shops estimate this repair.

Too much rust and I’d save the money for the inevitable replacement vehicle, eh?

Thanks for the replies! I figured it would be a waste of time to replace it as so was only going to do it to pass safety and sell the car for more. But the whole rocker is rotted out so definately wouldn’t be worth it at around $1000. Thanks for the help guys!

My experience with Ford’s has been instructive.

I would advise selling it and buying a foreign made car.

The rocker panel is part of the folded and welded sheet metal that passes for frame side rails these days. If they are gone, there is no structural integrity left in the car.

If the rocker panels on a modern vehicle with unitized construction–such as this Focus–are rusted-out, the vehicle’s structural integrity is compromised. And, if that major defect isn’t enough, there is sure to be rust damage to other structural components as well, meaning that this car would collapse like a house of cards in the event of a collision.

Plain and simple–the car is now dangerous for passengers to ride in.