Focus '12 grinding sound left front axle

I have a 2012 Ford Focus which infrequently makes an odd grinding, scratching sound by the front LEFT tire/ axle. It only does it when turning to the RIGHT. It usually does it as I’m coming out of the turn, not into the turn; so when the tire is moving back into the straight position. It’s just the sound, you can very slightly feel it when it happens but really no stability or other steering issues. Does anyone have an idea what is causing this sound?

Front axle or bearing sounds like a probability, Hopefully you have a warranty and a free fix.

Have you checked the mud guards and all the plastic stuff around the wheel?

I have a 2014 and notice that they are very close to the ground (mine is a Hatchback) and easy to scratch/break the undercarriage plastics.

Thank you both! I will have to have it checked out by mechanic/ dealer. Visually there appears to be nothing that’s in the way of the wheel or potentially scraping the ground. It feels more like an ‘internal’ grinding such as axle or bearing rather than some part that’s sticking out to much scraping the ground…I hope to get it in this weekend. I’ll submit an update as soon as I have more info. Thanks again.