Fly Wheel or Engine?

I have a Mazda 3 with 51,000 miles. The clutch went. We had it replaced and when we got it back it was making a clicking noise that starts around 2500 RPM and ends around 3500RPM. The noise is consistant with or without the clutch engaged.

I was told by the dealer that I needed a new engine.

Since I’ve been told that the clutch could not have caused the engine to go and it all seems odd that these things would happen at the same time I am questioning the diagnosis. Could this be something else related to the clutch? How can I determine if this is a loose fly wheel or something else other than the engine?

Diagnosing this online is impossible. Only a skilled mechanic with years of experience MIGHT be able to put his finger on your new and strange noise. Did the dealer install the clutch??

Yes the dealer installed the clutch.

They said you need a new engine but did not tell you exactly what part of the engine had failed? Have them explain exactly what is wrong with the engine and post back.

They said that a cylinder went. Although I believe this diagnosis was made based on the sound alone. They did not pull the engine or anything.

Take it to an independent mechanic that specializes in Asian imports, and get a second opinion. Don’t make an important decision like this based on a single mechanic that just ‘listened’ to it.