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RPM noises

I have a 2002 Mazda Protege5 and recently it will make a grinding noise at 3,200 rpm (in every gear). It sounds like you touched the side of a rotating drill on a piece of metal or something like that. The mechanic said it was my clutch but my clutch isn’t showing any of the tail tail signs of it needing to be replaced and frankly I don’t trust the guy. Will replacing the clutch fix this noise? Could it be something completely unrelated to my clutch?

Yes, it could be something totally unrelated to the clutch, and it is likely to be something that is really cheap to fix.

The fact that it happens at the same RPMs–in every gear–makes me think that you are hearing sympathetic vibrations, and that these vibrations are likely coming from a loose or damaged heat shield on either the engine or the exhaust system.

This clutch-related diagnosis from your mechanic, coupled with his diagnosis about your front-end noises, makes me think that you need a new mechanic.

"I don’t trust the guy"
Yup, you need a new shop. That says it all.

I’m inclined to agree with VDC about it likely to be a resonant vibration, as well as about its likely cause.