Flutter Or "Thready" Sound When Accelerate

I just purchased a 1997 Honda Accord with 82,5000 miles. I had my mechanic look at the car and he said it would need front pads and rotors in around 3 months, the heat shield is loose and it needs a tune up. He said it looked like it was very well maintained and everything else checked out fine.

I’ve put over 400 miles on the car and it runs great. The only thing I’ve noticed is that when I put my foot on the accelerator I get a sound like a “flutter”, or what I would call a “thready” sound. It’s not a wheel because I checked it out when the car was in park. The engine purrs beautifully when it is idling, but if I tap on the accelerator I get this flutter sound, and as soon as I release the accelerator the sound goes away. I can hear it when I am driving and my foot is on the accelerator (if I am doing under 40 mph).

Could this be related to needing a tune up? Any other ideas.

Thanks in advance,


Have the heat shield fixed, and then see if this noise goes away.


You could have an exhaust leak at the flutter connection. It’s not ever called that but it could be at the woven connection near the engine.