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Fluttering sound from car bottom

2015 Subaru Forester, 26K on odometer. Since last 3 days, when I accelerate from a stop or accelerate from slow speed, like less than 30, I hear this fluttering sound from the front right side… Once the car speeds up, I do not hear this sound. There is absolutely no difference in the feeling of the way the car drives, just the fluttering sound.

The sound is like imagine you hold a thick paper very close to a bicycle wheel spokes and ride the bike.

I am going to take it to the mechanic tomorrow but until then would like to know what is the possibility.

Many thanks in advance.

I guess you could get all kinds of ideas from road debris to a loose wheel well cover or under the engine air dam . But just let the mechanic do the job and then post what was wrong and it may help someone else.

Without hearing or looking under the vehicle all one could do is guess.

Yes, Of course, he will take a look. I don’t want to go under the car now. I will definitely post.

It was the rotten clip holding the pipe before catalytic converter that was fluttering.

I can almost guarantee that no one on the web would have suggested that .

Thank you for getting back with the outcome!

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