Flushing the throttle

We have a 2006 Rav4 and our mechanic says the battery needs to be replaced because it is weak and when they do that, they should flush out the throttle. Is this something that needs to be done? Do most batteries only last 3 years?

Flushing the throttle has nothing whatsoever to do with the battery, and is little more than a profit generator.

I’d have the battery tested by someone else before I agreed to buy a new one. You “might” need a new battery in only three years, but then again maybe not. How did the mechanic determine your battery was "weak?’’

If you need a battery you need a battery, but you do NOT need a throttle flush.

The mechanic said he “tested” the battery when we brought the car in for its 50k service. I called around, found that sears would replace the battery for about $10 cheaper with an 8 year warrantee battery (vs the dealer’s 2 year warrantee) so we told the dealer/mechanic to skip the flush and battery change for now.

I will have sears check the battery, since the battery is working and tell me if it is “low”. Thanks for your reply

If they are talking about flushing the throttle body, I wouldnt spend the money on it, but I WOULD clean the throttle plate. They have a tendancy to cake up and affect the way the engine idles. This is an easy process. I clean mine every time I change my oil just out of habit. You shouldnt need to do it that often, I just do it. I use carburetor cleaner and a shop rag. I spray carb cleaner in the throttle bore then spray my shop rag. I open my throttle plate then with the shop rag wipe down the inside of the throttle bore and the sides of the plate. Takes me about 5 minutes tops. How much did they want to charge you to flush your throttle??


about $65 -$70.

No, PLEASE, not Sears!

Go to an auto parts store or a battery retailer. Ask them to “load test” the battery. If it passes it’s OK. If not you need a battery.

If you go to Sears they WILL say you need a battery.