Engine flush for '03 Toyota

Toyota says (during a 15K service)I need an engine flush. Car has 140K miles. They said it would be $295 to flush the carbon off the throttle plate. Do I need this or is this “flushing” my money into their pockets?

Daniel Tacoma, WA

check your scheduled maintenance booklet for what is required and when…

“Toyota says” Was that Toyota or a dealer? Assuming it was the dealer, I would suggest finding a good local INDEPENDENT mechanic. Save money and less chance that they will try and sell you some worthless overpriced service.

If it is not in the owner’s manual or they don’t have something in writing from Toyota, it is just a money grab on the part of the dealer.

All they’re flushing is your wallet.

Check the factory maintenance schedule. If you can find this listed, at any mileage, I’ll pay for it.

Wallet flush, if the car’s running fine.

Why did you post this twice? Here is your original thread: http://community.cartalk.com/posts/list/2131386.page;jsessionid=BED252ED2F3A38D7141ECB3596EED164

And - like the others - I think this is a wallet flush.

TOYOTA DOES NOT say you need a flush. The dealer is telling you this. They do this to increase their revenue…PERIOD. There is no need for an engine flush. Personally…I’d find another place to have my service done. It does NOT have to be done by the dealer.

The only time I would ever do an engine flush is if I had some sludge buildup that was actually causing problems to avoid tearing the engine down manually clean it.

Go to your auto parts store, and buy a bottle of throttle body cleaner.
Pop the hood on your car, and using a couple simple tools, remove the hose between the air box and the throttle body.

Once that is done, spray down the throttle plate, if you see that it is covered in black carbon.

Congrats, you just saved $290!