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Other recommended services

The Toyota dealer now hands out a brochure for “other recommended services” sch as injector service, transmission fluid flush, brake fluid flush, power steering flush.

Mine is a 2001 highlander with 100,000 miles.

Should I get these other services?

Brake Fluid Flush - NEEDS to be done EVERY 2 years. So yes.

Transmission Flush - Has chemicals in the cleaning solution that can damage the transmission in some cases - No.

Injector Service - Buy two bottles of Techron Fuel System Cleaner, and dump them into your gas tank before your next fillup, and save yourself about $100.

Power Steering Flush - If your car makes more noise when cold for the first couple of turns during the day, then Yes, it might help. If no noise, then No.


Your brake fluid should be done at least every few years.

Your transmission pan should be dropped w/ a filter change every 30k miles.

Injector service is mostly a money maker for the dealership though it can help in some cases if you have a problem with something.

Power steering fluid is a good idea, but you don’t really need to “flush” it. Once a year or so you could just empty out the reservoir with a turkey baster or something and then refill with fresh fluid.

You should find a good independent mechanic, no need for a dealer now. I quit going to mine when they tried to force unneeded services.

brake fluid flush That should be one of the recommended maintenance items. Is your dealer trying to get you to pay twice for the same service?