Flush coolent at reservoir? Opel Corsa b 1998

I could not select Opel Corsa in this forum so i selected volkswagen golf, sorry for the confusion.

My opel corsa has no drain plug and both hoses on radiator are on top of the radiator and hard to reach.
Can i just disconnect the hose on the reservoir put my gardenhose on it and flush it from there?
I dont see why that would be a problem.

Im trying to learn my own maintance.

Regards from the Netherlands.

I’m not sure about rules in The Netherlands, but we can’t flush antifreeze into the storm sewer system, and therefore can’t let it drain into the ground. Also, pets like dogs love the sweet flavor, and it will poison them. There must be a drain you haven’t found yet. When you find it, out a tub large enough to hold the antifreeze mixture and the dispose of it properly. You might need transfer it to a few jugs for transport.

Here’s a video for 2000-2006 Corsa.


Hmm, that video indicates it does have a lower radiator hose.

I have a corsa b from 1998. 100 percent sure it has both hoses on top of the radiator.

Im not german so i cant understand the language at all. But this is an exploded view.

Can i just flush it at the reservoir? That is what i want to know. There is NO drain plug.!


Part 8 might be the thermostat. It’s low and on the radiator, and maybe you drain the radiator there. It looks like the engine drain is where the hose (part 18) attaches to the engine.

Why cant i just drain fill and flush at the reservoir? 8 is a sensor. 14 is the thermostat. There is no drain plug.

Try it. Nobody here knows about an Opel Corsa’s cooling system. Find an Opel forum, maybe somebody there can help.

I’d be afraid of all the sediment settling in the bottom of the radiator.

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Just pick up your phone and call a few places to see what they charge . That way you won’t spill coolant all over the ground and poison you neighbors pets plus you don’t have to take the fluid to a disposal site.