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question is do you have to change the power steering and brake fluid ever 3 years???

No. So long as you don’t contaminate these fluids, you should never have to replace them. Both are caustic, and to some degree can handle breaking up small contaminants such as pollen.
Unless there is a leak, you should not even have to ever add power-steering fluid during the life of most cars. Brake fluid needs to be added after every brake pad change because the brakes must be bled once the new pads are installed. In either case, any time fluid is added, it is important to make sure that no dirt, grease, etc. is introduced into either system. So you need to make sure that the fluid is poured from newly opened containers and that the filling surfaces are clean.
The reason you don’t have to replace these fluids is that they are there to provide hydraulic pressure, not lubricate rapidly moving mechanical parts. I suppose these fluids might eventually not perform as well as they should, but in almost every case your car will not last this long.

I have had a number of cars and never did, probably not absolutely necessary, but certainly couldn’t hurt.

You don’t have to bleed the brakes after installing new pads.

It does not hurt anything to change these fluids every 5 years. Cheap insurance.

I would guess from your question your owner's manual says to change the brake fluid every three years.  If that is what it says,  [b] DO IT![/b]    The braking system can absorb water.  That water is not good for the braking system. It can rust brake lines (I found this out the hard way, luckily everyone on the cross street avoided me.) 

Even a tiny amount of water can cause serious problems.

I am a big advocate for changing brake fluid every 3-4 years.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic. Prior to ABS, that moisture buildup in the fluid would primarily cause accelerated corrosion to the brake lines, calipers, wheel and master cylinders. In today’s cars, if that moisture buildup causes accelerated corrosion or pitting in the ABS system, you’re out some big money.

If your Accord has ABS brakes, yes you need to change the brake fluid and every 3 years is the Honda recommendation for my '03 Civic.

Power steering fluid is less critical, but not a bad idea to change it but not every 3 years. Power steering fluid I’d change it before it gets 10 years old.

I know a lot of people who’ve NEVER changed their brake fluid and NEVER had a problem…Personally I change mine every 3 years…and when I do the fluid is FILTHY…Probably should change it sooner. It’s cheap…easy to do…and it definitely can’t hurt.