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Fluid level in transfer case

Just attempted to check the level in my transfer case. When i pulled fill plug, fluid came streaming out…how could that be…

You sure you removed the fill plug and not the drain plug?

Filled too high, or there’s a problem with the radiator where water is leaking into transmission fluid.

Transfer case?! Coolant can not get into the transfer case…

I think there’s a seal between the trans and the transfer case which can leak trans fluid into transfer case.

I dont believe so. Is it called a Divorced transfer case? 94 gmc 2500 454

Then again i just took another look are i believe you are right

So it needs pulled apart and seal replaced???

yes im sure …

Ok my help left…lol. Nevermind i googled it. Looks like time to pull the transfer case… Thanks

There should be a weep hole between the transmission and transfer case to keep transmission fluid from entering the transfer case should a leak occur.

Adjust the fluid level and check it a week from now.

If there is a weep hole why is the fluid getting into the transfer case.

I just drained the excess from the transfer case and its about quarts. Far more than i was hoping to see.
Transmission level is good

My transfer case has been leaking for a while also, I’ve been putting it off. I’ve never done it before, but you have to remove the transfer case to change the seal. Probably not as hard as it sounds. I don’t know what else it would be if you’re not over filling it.

Actually if it’s like mine, you can’t over fill it since the level is right up to the fill plug.

Agreed. You can Not overkfill it. The seal is leaking between transmission and transfer case

Transfer case comes out tomorrow. How about this…what will I need? The seal obviously and I can find out what the case capacity is but will I lose any fluid from the transmission.

I think you might lose a little trans fluid, not much though. If you have vacuum lines, the fluid gets into them so better try to blow them out.

Have you driven through any deep water?
If any water got in oil floats on top of water.

Re: xfer case appears over-filled.

It might have been filled at a lower temperature. The fluid expands a little with temperature. And it is possible to over-fill it a little if the fluid is pumped or gravity drained into the hole, then quickly plugged back up. If I was worried the xfer case in my truck was over-filled I’d put a container underneath, open the fill plug, and measure how much fluid comes out from above the fill level. If t is only a cup or so I wouldn’t worry much about it. I’d take the opportunity to test if the fluid that comes out forms into layers after sitting in a clear jar overnight, which might indicate a contamination problem.

Seems to me if transmission fluid was leaking into the transfer case & the transfer case is overfull the transmission should be low on fluid .