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Flowing Water

This is a two part question.

1) I’ve just bought a 2006 Nissan Frontier SE 2x4. I am noticing the faint sound of flowing water, kind of what you might hear in a small brook. I’m used to owning older cars, so is this something normal for this model of vehicle?

2)A few days after I first bought it, I went to start it up a couple of times and it does’t turn over. After I wait a few seconds I try again and it starts no problem. Another week goes by and everything is fine, but yesterday the same thing happened. I had just been driving it, turned it off to get my mail, and had problems starting it again, but after waiting about 15 seconds or so, it started right up. What could be the problem and might it be related to question 1?

  1. Likely air in the cooling/heating system. It needs to be burped.

  2. Have the battery checked, it is old enough that it may be due for replacement. It also could be nothing more than a poor connection at the batter (or the other end) of any cable connected to the battery.

Thanks. I actually misspoke about problem #2. The truck IS turning over. It just won’t fire. I’ll give the battery a check and see if that is it.

you have air in your cooling system that needs to be bled out, many vehicles evn have an air bleeder valve. this gurgling is evidence of low coolant level. and you need to check level at radiator, when engine is not hot, and make sure the hoses to and from the reservoir are present and the cap is the right pressure rating. I doubt any relation to hard start condition