Floors wet with moisture, trunk too, after rain

My 1994 Acura Integra gets very damp after rainstorms, particularly on the floor and in the trunk (the spare wheel well area is like a pool). My model has a sunroof, and though it is cracked the crack is sealed and does not appear to leak during heavy rains. The ceiling to the car is not wet at all, nor is the folding back seat that leads to the trunk. The moisture smells like syrup, though I am making the assumption that it is water, as the issues occur when it rains heavily. I have tried to sit in the car when it rains to determine an origin for the leak, but to no avail. After every storm, the floor mats are soaked, and my front window is coated with moisture on the inside. The sides and roof of my car on the inside appear dry. Please help!

No sun roof is really sealed. It works by collecting the water that gets past the top and drains it under the car. Those drains tend to get clogged and then you get water in the car. I would guess that is the most likely. It is also possible you have a hole (likely rust) on the floor somewhere and that is the problem.

Good Luck

Yeah, it’s your sunroof. Seal it up with a silicone gel and don’t use it ever again.

The sunroof is unusable because of the cracks already. After heavy rain I notice very light moisture on the underside of the glass, but the moisture does not cause any dripping. On the inside of the car is a sunroof cover, and the topside of this cover does not get wet at all, nor does my console between the driver and passenger seats. Could it still be the sunroof, then?

Thank you for the reply! I’ve heard of these drains getting clogged, but can’t find mention of where they’d be to check in my factory manual for the car… I’ve heard something about them being black tubes that are accessible near the tail lights of the car, behind a paneling, but when I remove the paneling I can’t find anything to match that description, though there may be other panels I’d have to remove first (and don’t know about).

I didn’t think about rust, although that could explain why I have water in the front portion of the car (infront of the sunroof).

Is there any way to specifically test either theory?