Flooding and hard to start 1992 ford f150

Subject : Vehicle 1992 Ford Truck F-150 300cu. inch
Problem : Electrical
Description : Engine would stop running and as long the key switch was in the on position the electrical fuel pump would keep running and the end result would be a gas flooded engine. There was no way to predict when or where this occurrence would happen. It may be at a busy intersection or immediately after start up in the early morning. It may do this two or three times a week and then go a month without doing this, just about the time I thought everything was alright it would start up again.
I used just about every mechanic I could think of to diagnosis the problem. The fuel pressure switches were changed, map sensor, computer board, new distributor coil and module.A new alternator was also put on the truck to no avail.
This truck was taken to a ford dealer garage. In my mind this would the the “Mayo clinical” for a sick Ford vehicle. The truck stayed there for about two weeks and left with the same problem it had arrived with. One of the mechanics told me that they had seen the same problem before and that I could spend thousands of dollars on this truck and it still not know the answer. I even called the Ford Motor company in Detroit, Michigan to consult an electrical engineer, with no help there either.
Finally after spending only God knows how much money and aggravation it cost me, I asked the Lord, reminding him that the scripture say’s " God knows all things ". Now whether he shows me or not he still knows. Not long afterwards it came into my mind to install a new Ignition coil . That fixed the problem ! The ignition coil was a cheap coil. Costing about $17.00. The truck ran good for about three months and then started the same thing again. I knew I was on top of the problem. I then put an old used Ignition coil on and it lasted about two weeks. Again resulting in the same problem. I then bought an expensive coil made in the USA “Blue Streak Brand” costing about $ 63.00. That has been about 5 years ago. The truck has never caused me any problems since. To God be the Praise, Glory and Honor. Amen !

Is this one of them rhetorical answers I keep hearing about?


I suppose congratulations are in order

Do you happen to have a question?

What I get out of this is that the made in USA coil seems to have fixed the problem

I would have never guessed in a million years this symptom could be caused by a failing ignition coil. Proves all things comes to those who wait.


The fuel pump will not run if there’s no Profile Ignition Pickup to the computer from the ignition module. And if there’s no PIP because of a failed ignition coil, the fuel pump won’t run.


The guy is happy.

That’s all that matters