Flood car

Would you ever consider buying a “flood” car? Rocketman

No. The water damage is everywhere, and getting the water out of every nook and cranny, both inside the cabin, and engine compartment will be a nightmare. Eventually, every electrical connection will have problems.

I have enough issues in my life, I don’t need to further complicate with a car guaranteed to have problems.

Absolutely NOT…Way too many problems now and even years from now.

It depends on the car and the price and even then it’s not a slam dunk decision as to whether to go ahead with the buy or not. Depends is the key word.

I’ve owned a waterlogged car before and a friend of mine bought one many years ago that sat overnight in flood water up to the door handles. The one my friend bought only cost him a 100 dollars and after flushing all the fluids and cleaning it up it became a daily driver for about 6 or 7 years afterwards.

For $100, give it a shot…For $1000, forget it…If the water was filthy or salty, forget it period…

Nope. Just don’t need the headache. Late model cars and trucks, like made since 1993, have too many electronic modules, and these modules do not like getting flooded. A lot of Asian models put modules under the seats and kick panels down low. This creates problems that will keep recurring, be hard to find, and expensive to correct. I just don’t need that in my life. Especially if there are loan payments involved. That’s buying a money pit on time.

Thanks for the input folks. I guess I knew the answer but a low price on a make and model that I’ve been looking for is really tempting. I’ll pass on the flood car and keep looking. Thanks again! Rocketman