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Flipping a wrench over?

So I am in the US Coast Guard and out Senior Chief loves to ask me random but great engineering questions. The latest one that I can’t figure out is. When you flip a wrench over because you are in a very tight space to turn it what’s it called??? And by flipping I mean just rolling it over not flipping it from the "open end"to the “box end”. Any help would be great, I have been all over the net and in a few tool manuals. Thanks!!!

Calling this a “great engineering question” is a bit of a stretch. I’d call it “repositioning for maximum positional flexibility.” ;-]

See it is a great question. He said it has a name for it and so far I can’t find it.

He could also me messin’ with ya…

Repeatedly flipping the open end of a 15* offset combination wrench over will enable more movement of the hex in an area that confines the sweep to less than 30*.

That is true Rod Knox. But he says there is a name for that.

Insightful: maybe he is, but this would be the first.

Check this link to Bureau of Naval Personnel

scroll down to Flopping the wrench.

I will tell my senior chief know tomm morning and see what he says. But that is the closest to anything that I have found. Maybe “flopped” is the right term.


Stand by to stand by

Huh, who would have thunk? I didn’t think anyone else even knew about doing that and there’s actually a name for it. Now I’d still like to get my hands on a set of Kleinschmidt allen wrenches.

Well…I’ve flopped many a wrench in my day and never knew that I was doing so. Now I know…it’s the end of an era.

Personally, I think way back in prehistoric, some Navy engineer who had way too much time on his hands came up with that term “flopping”

I’ve been doing if for years and never heard of the term until today. I’m pretty sure most/all of my colleagues former and present have also never heard of this term

Maybe the guy won’t get promoted if he doesn’t know this obscure navy terminology

No, I will advance even if I don’t know the term. I am an electrician in the Coast Guard. “Waiting for the jokes from the navy guys now”

A Submariner once told me about a submarine leaving port with sixty men and coming back with thirty couples. Did he call it the submarine miracle? They had one that asked what U.S.M.C. stood for. Military humor is good if you’re in the military. Many people thanked me for my service. I figured it was because they weren’t there at the time. I learned how to play ping pong while smoking and drinking. Gotta be quick, especially if you fall a lot.

Ufff. Army.

Flipping, Flopping. Tomato, Tomahto…

IMO, using the term flopping in describing the process is an abomination. Look up the definition of “flopping” versus “flipping” and tell me which one is more appropriate to describe the action…

Well, the answer was FLOPPING. thanks for the help everyone

Thought flopping was a soccer term for faking an injury? Don’t watch soccer much so I don’t know. Germany crushing brazil was pretty good though.

This would be a good question for ‘‘a way with words’’, another PBS radio program with a listener call in period.
We know that flipping the wrench over re-orients the angle of the handle…
but is there a single word for that action ?

There’s the RIGHT WAY, the WRONG WAY, and then there’s THE NAVY WAY.