Flex...should I buy one?

Exactly what the title says. I’m in a dangerous position, pre-approved for a new vehicle, but not committed to anything yet. So far the Flex is in the lead, but i haven’t pulled the trigger yet. really interested in other peoples’ experiences(good, bad, indifferent, or otherwise).

I don’t have one (do have 2 recent Fords, love 'em), but I have read several long term tests, they are extremely positive on the Flex. If I needed 3 rows it’d be at the top of my list.

My aunt has one and loves it. She is overweight and has trouble getting in and out of many vehicles if they are too high or too low. It has a nearly “horizontal” entry and lots of space.

What are your alternatives?

I guess it’s OK if you like a vehicle that looks like a rolling tool shed.

The Flex is for people who don’t want something big and top heavy as a Chevy Suburban, but with the same roomy interior. It also appeals to people who hate minivans for the same reason.

The Flex comes closest to a full size station wagon from the past. It is a well-built vehicle, but its size and weight does not make it an economy car. It is very quiet, and handles well for its size. If Lincon built a heavy-duty station wagon, this would be it.

Go for it, but beware it may be a challenge to park in a tight spot.

Which is why I’d recommend getting a rear view camera, either factory or aftermarket.

though it has an optional park assist

It reminds me of a XXL Mini Cooper when it has the roof painted a contrasting color.