6'6" with newborn twins and the Subaru is too small

My brother and his wife are two weeks into life with twins. He is 6’6" and she is 6’ tall. They have a new Subaru wagon that they have painfully discovered the new family barely fits into. She has to drive as my brother is not able because of how far forward the seats must be to fit the two rear facing infant seats in the back. They thought of a minivan- but even then they have to remove the middle seat and keep the babies in the way back. Is there another option?

Why do they need to remove the middle seat? I thought there was fairly decent room in between the front and middle seats.

Try the Ford Flex, it has loads of leg room in the middle row

He drives with his seat all the back and reclined more than normal. With a baby rear facing seat behind the driver it doesn’t allow much room to recline if it even allows the seat all the way back.

someone else must have some options- please help

you can’t put the seat behind the passenger seat?

If you have an airbag shutoff you could put both baby seats on the passenger side, Then wife can sit behind the driver.

The Flex or the Acadia and its clones would be worth a look, as long as you avoid the sunroof options. That might keep him from having to recline the seat so much.