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A car for Mara & her family

Feb 5 you suggested an Odyssey for Mara from Franconia, NH. Not a bad choice IMHO.

She and her husband didn,t want an SUV or a minivan, though.

3 other choices that might work for them:

Kia Rondo (seats 7 but neither an SUV nor a minivan and priced right).

Subaru Legacy or Forester. I KNOW Forester is lumped in with Sport-cutes but I think it’s more of a station wagon.

The Jeep Cherokee (the one with the uni-body & straight 6 4l engine) - technically an SUV but with lots more character, IMHO. I still regret not having bought one in 1995 (when I did buy a Caravan).

I would go for a Ford Flex. Mara said she wanted a vehicle with a soul and favored older cars. I think the Flex, while odd looking, resembles the old station wagons. Living in Franconia she would also appreciate the AWD. It seats 7 and does not look like a minivan!

Flex is plenty big, not a minivan or an SUV but boy are they ever EXPENSIVE, especially with AWD. I’m a Ford guy and should like the Flex but there are plenty of other similiar cars I like better for that kind of money (like a 2009 Cadillac SRX).

The ones who don’t want minivans are the ones who need them the most

If I didn"t have to tow a 5000# trailer, I’d have another Grand Caravan (or a T&C) in a minute!

Full Disclosure: I am morally opposed to people that are morally opposed to SUV’s. Do they not like their families… a SUV is much safer in most wrecks than many other options. Does the person not like earth… I’ll take the emissions on an SUV over a Microbus… even if you could keep it in tune. Do they WANT to pay more in gas… my full size SUV gets better gas mileage than any VW bus.

I have to say, last year we got to rent a car. Girl (uninsured) ran a stop sign and T-boned my wife and 3 kids… It wasn’t my SUV’s fault…

Don’t remember specifics but the rental was a MOPAR mini-van. If we had just seen it on the lot, I don’t think I would have valued the in floor storage or fold flush seats… they were truly worth their weight in platinum. Also make sure EVERY seat has “LATCH” the little metal loops on either side of your hips… not just tether anchors. NOTE ON CAR SEATS: The Britax type “LATCH” system is way better than any other metal hook “LATCH” system.

My brother had a Honda Odyssey and loved it (he even drove it more than the wife).

You guys were right on the money when you recommended an Odyssey for Mara and her family. I got a good laugh out of your “metal telepathy” incident before you announced your recommendation since I knew what you would say. My husband bought a second 2003 model in case the first one ever dies, and later sold it to our son who coveted it. Both guys are woodworkers; they haul all manner of tools and furniture - heck, we built a removable platform and camp in it too. This car handles like a sedan, is super comfortable long distance, and with anti-traction is about as safe a car as you can get. Let 'em paint flowers on it. The VW van of their dreams hasn’t got a chance against the Honda!