Mystery powerloss question

Hi Have a problem, My 2006 ranger seems to be having a fuel? problem? It runs fine on initial startup, however after it is warmed up I lose power when I am idling for a long period(>60sec) of time or if I am coasting at highway speeds, The check engine light flashes on and off and I lose power, If I give it gas it kicks back in evetually, Or if I hold the idle up the problem does not occur. Could this be a fuel pump going bad? I went ahead and replaced the plugs, wires, checked the ignition coil and changed the fuel filter to no availe. Is thier another sensor that could be causing the problem, It almost feels like a switch is activating? when the power kicks back in. I am currently suspecting the fuel pump is going bad, Fuel pressure is low ~60psi But I wanted to double check to make sure there is not a more simple solution. Thanks Chris

A flashing check engine light means that one or more cylinders are misfiring. This causes damage to the catalytic converter(s), so you can’t wait around to fix this. There is no reason to be making wild guesses about this. Your engine computer has stored trouble codes that will probably identify which cylinder(s) are having problems, and may help determine the exact nature of the problem. Get the codes read, and report them back here. Report the exact codes, not the description and what they might mean.

Thanks, Hear are the codes:
Codes found P0171, P0300, P0303, P0304, PO305, P0316

You have “lean fuel trim” and misfire codes. Yes, a fuel pump is a possibility, but there are other possibilities as well.

Having said that, if you know your pump is dying start there. Fix the “knowns” and then see what happens.

Okey P0300, P0303, and P0305 are random cylinder misfire, misfire specific to cylinder #3 and #5, respectively. P0316 is set when a misfire occurs within the first 1000 revolutions after start up. P0171 is a DTC code that indicates that the adaptive fuel deliver strategy has reached the limit of its ability to adjust fuel deliver (rich limit). Most of the diagnostic items to check deal with a lack of fuel deliver, i.e. clogged fuel filter, restricted fuel flow, failing fuel pump, bad fuel damper, etc. and a surplus of air i.e. leaking evap purge valve, intake manifold leak, vacuum hose leak, etc. Also check that the ducting from the Mass Airflow Sensor to the throttle body is leak free. Also, you might give the MAF a cleaning.

Now you have to get down to testing all the possibilities.

Thanks, I know the fuel pressure is below spec, Tested at 60psi, Manufacturer says 70-100 psi, SO I think that is my target, I did change the fuel filter, I am not sure if there is a fuel regulator on this model? as a possibility, Is there a way to check the fuel damper? or is it a simple replacement? BTW what is MAF? Thanks

Thanks again, MAF looks clean, but will clean anyways, I did find the crankcase ventilation tube was loose, Is that a possibility? Chris

Hello, I replaced the fuel pump but the problem persists, does anyone out there have any ideas? Thanks