Flat tire still holding air

Me and my friend were driving and he took the corner hard and ended up swerving and I looked and the tire was flat but there wasn’t any holes. I put more air into it and it hasn’t gone down at all the past couple days. Is there an explanation for this? The the valve and valve stem is all fine and nothing whatsoever is leaking

You should have that tire checked by a pro.

Maybe the seal to the rim was pulled open momentarily and the air rushed out. If so, he must have really made a hard turn.

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I would also guess the seal-to-rim theory, but also the tire was probably also low on air. A very close off-the-wheel tire inspection is probably warranted.


And pulled the tire’s bead off the seat and let the air out. Agree with @oldnotdeadyet, the tire was probably low to start with.

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@Matthew-87 You put air in the tire but did you inflate to the correct pressure and check the other tires .
I also think the tire was low on pressure .

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