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Flashing running lights

Hi all.

I have a 200o Subaru Impreza. Recently the running lights have been coming on and flashing. A typical scenario . . . I drive regular errands during the day, I park it in the driveway for the evening . . . when I go out to my car in the morning, the running lights are flashing. Once I activate the lock/unlock device, it stops. The car runs fine. This has been going on for a couple of weeks. Any thoughts about what is going on here? Is my battery at risk?

I had a problem like this b4 and yes your battery maybe at risk also you may want to take it to a shop cause it sounds like u need a new switch for your lights, it may be stuck or broken

The problem is being caused by an intermittent connection to the battery. Somehow battery power is being disrupted to the system while it is parked. There may be a connection problem inside the battery itself, the cable connections may be dirty, or bad connection to the accessories power panel from the battery. This kind of thing happens whenever you disconnect the battery and reconnect it. The alarm system needs to be reset with the keyfob. Try cleaning the battery cables and see if that helps and look for a bad wire connection to the power panel under the hood. Perhaps moving wires around while it is parked or tapping lightly on the battery with a screwdriver handle may show something up.