Car won't turn over,flickering lights, weird buzzing sounds

Hello all,

Can somebody please help me with a problem I’m having? Here is the issue:
I own a 96 Impreza. Recently, I went to the grocery store and when I tried to leave the car wouldn’t start. I had it towed to my house. The dashboard lights and stereo flicker and when I try turning the key no sound. If I try to honk the horn, there is a buzzing sound coming from the passenger side. If I try to turn the emergency blinkers there is a buzzing too. The automatic lock doesn’t work .The out side lights don’t work either. The “key has been left in” sound does work. I tested the battery with a multimeter and it is working fine. A friend mentioned the ignition switch but would this affect the locks too?

tl;dr: Nothing electric works. The lights flicker and somethings make a buzzing sound. The battery is fine. Could the ignition switch cause the locks not to work?

“I tested the battery with a multimeter and it is working fine”.
When you tested the battery with a multimeter, it may have a 12 volt output, but it doesn’t produce the amperage necessary to operate the accessories. Have someone try turning the engine over while you have the multimeter leads across the battery terminals. I’ll be the voltage drops way down.
The other possibility is corroded connections on one end or the other of the battery cables.
I’ll bet on a defective battery.

I didn’t think about the amperage I’ll have to check that out. As for the cables, I looked them over and cleaned them and the battery posts too and they seem to be in good condition.

Sorry for not answering sooner but I got sidetracked. I decided to take the battery down to Autozone to have it tested. They used their little gizmo and told me that the battery was fine. Does anybody else have other suggestions?

I realize that your battery is good and that the terminals and posts are cleaned at the battery but you should also trace the ground wire back to where it connects to the engine or frame and clean it at that end and then do the same thing to the positive battery cable … in my experience I would say the car is recieving low voltage from the battery do to a bad connection

There’s a poor connection somewhere.
Could be either end of the battery cables, ignition switch, a ground cable or in one of the fuse boxes.
Trace around with the multimeter.
How well are the headlights working?

new to site cant figure how to post topic. I am having coil issues with mazda millinia s miller cycle engine. Replaced 3 on front and ready to replace # 1 on back. If 3 or 5 coil fail it will be a tuff task. Any reason why coils fail and ways to prevent . P.S also spent over 2k a little over a year ago to have repairs and plugs replaced and 1 coil,and misc.

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