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Flashing Re-manufactured Computer?

I’ve been having troubles with my 1991 Century it’s been having trouble I can’t seem to diagnose so I purchased a re-man computer so my question is does it need to be flash if so can i do this at home or where can i get it done cheaply and if i try to use it with out getting it flashed first would it hurt anything?
thanks in advanced for your answer!
P.s. pardon the poor grammar

Your OBD I Buick computer is hardware driven and not software driven.

This means removing the program chip from the old computer, and installing it into the new computer.


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Where would the program chip be?

There is an access panel to remove, on the computer board you will see a removable PROM. There should be instructions with the replacement computer.

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Follow up question the re manufactured computer came with a prom chip do I use the one that came with the one I just bought or the one from my car?