Flashing D4 and P0758 code, Honda Civic 00 LX

Hi there i hope you guys can help me… trans is throwing the code P0758 which seems to be a solenoid. It also set off D4 to flashing. Car drives fine mostly except it wont catch when taking off-almost as if I had a clutch and it was burnt, pretty much have to rev to 4k to move. Once going 2nd to 3rd gear is hard but it moves fine after that.

I put a new shift solenoid, and the problem still the same i test the shift solenoid for ohms and it wa 16.1 on both pins. i test it with battery to hear the clicks and it click fine. any suggestion?

See if any of this is of any help.



Check this out

16 ohms for the solenoid coil seems ok. And it clicks when 12 volts applied, so I doubt there’s a problem with that. Was solenoid you removed faulty when you bench tested it? If it tested good, might indicate you are on a wild goose chase, and the problem is elsewhere.

Yeah i buy a new one before test the old one, so when the new arrived i install it and i thought that it was faulty so i tell the seller and he send me a new one. So i installed this new one and the problem still the same, so i decided to buy a multimeter and test it and for my luck all of them were in perfect condition and all passed the test. so where i can start to look now? i was wondering about a short in the plug wires from the solenoid to the ecu. but i cant find the exact ecu diagram for my car. my ecu have 4 plugs. the 3rd one is blue and has 31pin. what can i do?

I wasn’t able to understand your reply to the question I asked above. Was the original solenoid you removed faulty or not? Or do you not know b/c you’ve lost it or thrown it away?

sorry for my english, i remove the old one because the transmission began to do the problem described before but without the flashing D4 and the code at that point was about that solenoid (i cant rember the exact code now) so i buy a new one and the problem was the same so the seller send me a new one and the problem still the same but yesterday the D4 start to blink and give me that code P0758

so i bought a multimeter yesterday and tested all of my 3 shift solenoid that i have and all pass those test perfectly.

If the original solenoid tests good, you’re probably on the wrong track. Check the fluid level, and if that’s ok, give the transmission a proper service. That usually means to drain all the trans fluid out, replace the filter, and refill w/ fresh fluid.

my fluid is really bad, like dirt color. But not sure if that is the cause of my problem. and if it is why the p0758 code? that means shift solenoid ‘B’ circuit. and if i do a fluid change or flush this can kill the transmission?

I think you are narrowing down the problem there OP.

can the fluid change damage the transmission?

If done properly it can only help.

any suggestion to do it properly?

It varies car to car, and by model year and options. On my Ford truck I remove the bolts that hold the pan to the underside of the transmission and drain all the fluid out, then I replace the filter (being careful not to loose a spring loaded ball & valve gadget that tends to fly away in the process), then I replace the gasket, reinstall the pan, and fill with fresh type F fluid. It often takes a few test drives before I get the fill correct, so I start with a little less than I think I’ll need, then top it off. On my truck it is possible to drain the torque converter separately. But I’ve never done that. Suggest to secure a Chiltons or Haynes manual for you car, that should have the procedure.

On your Honda, the best way is to drain and refill. It should take 2.5 qts to do that and use the new Honda ATF when you do. You can’t get at the filter, there is no pan to drop. After you do the first drain and fill, run the engine for a few minutes, shift the transmission through all the gears and leave it in drive for a few minutes. It would be OK to drive it around the block if you want.

Then drain and refill again. Now drive it for a week or two. If it is still really dirty after a couple of weeks, then do another drain and fill. You may need to do up to four of them total.

As for checking the wiring for the solenoid, check for the conditions that activate it. Check the plug for voltage and ground when the conditions are met.

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