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Flashing Check Engine Light

Hello, last night I was driving in my 2003 jetta on the intersate at 65mph with the cruise control on. As I came into a turn I had to tap the brakes. As soon as I did the check engine light came on. The car was doing fine so I drove home from school. Today I drove the car to work which is a five minute drive, and back with no problem. I later went to grab lunch and bring it home and then I noticed the check engine light started flashing. I then felt the engine start to studder, as if it was misfireing. We had the windshield defrost when we started to smell a rotten egg smell. Luckly we were pulling into our drive when we smelled the oder. I immeaditly turned off the car and got out. I couldnt smell the rotten egg smell, but I did smell burning plastic. I didnt see any smoke and could not pinpoint the cause of the smell. Does anyone have any ideas?

Flashing check engine light generally means stop and get towed. May be a misfire or something else, but flashing means you should not drive it very far at all. Time to get towed to your mechanic and let him diagnose.

If you don’t believe the post above, then consult your owner’s manual. You’ll see roughly the same advice there.

Your engine is misfiring and dumping raw fuel into the exhaust. Then the fuel burning off in the hot cat, which is making the cat even hotter. That’s the rotten egg smell.

Do not drive the car. Have it towed to a mechanic and have the misfire condition fixed. The more you drive it, the more damage you will do, and the more money you will spend.

Thanks guys, that is what I was afriad of. Guess its time to call the truck.