FJ Cruiser Interior Lighting

The FJ Cruiser “classic” (e.g., 2007 model) has really lousy interior and instrument lighting. Dim dome. No map lights. Outside temp unreadable in the day if the headlights are on. Radio station unreadable in the day. I carry a flashlight (!!) to see things at night.

Has anyone improved the lighting? What’d you do?

Has anyone installed Hella stalk lights from the overhead?

I hear the later models (2009?) have map lights, at least. Has anyone taken the Toyota parts and cut into the overhead to install them on the older models?

I installed Putco Pure dome lights in my 07 FJ. They are fairly easy to install and they are very very bright. You can find them on Amazon for approximately 90 dollars. I love them.

There are “garden variety” LED, battery powered lights I put in a lot of dark corners and wouldn’t hesitate to use in the way you want. If you can get by the cheap look, they are functional and velcro works.