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Fixing the Car Noise (Part 2 of my last question)

What will the price range be for fixing the power steering on my mother’s 2002 Stratus? She thinks that my brother-in-law can fix it. Is that possible?

We don’t know your brother-in-law.
What are his mechanical qualifications?

He was able to replace the fuel injector in his older car. He had to take things apart from the front of the car in order to figure out what was wrong with it. He then bought the part he needed and installed it himself.

What is wrong with the power steering?? None of us are clairvoyant…If you have already opened a thread on this subject, find it and bump it up…

In case you did not read my first question, the power steering makes noise when I turn the wheel. What is causing that noise? How do I fix it?