Fixed the heather then lost the steering

My father has a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500. The heater stopped working so he brought it into the dealership where he bought it (used) to get it fixed. After waiting 2 days, he got the truck back. However, when he tried to dive it off the lot, the steering was gone. The mechanic says its an unrelated problem that coincidentally developed. My father is letting the same dealerhip fix that even as I type. I’m wondering if there is any way getting the heater fixed could affect the steering or it it could possibly be a very expensive holiday coincidence?


The probability of a good steering system failing at the exact time the heater was being fixed is very low. I SUSPECT someone damaged the stering system while working on the vehicle, unless the stering was aout to fall apart. Your father deserves an exact and detailed expalnation as to what is wrong with the steering.

It could be as simple as a low level of power steering fluid, or a loose p/s drive belt.

Thanks for your quick replys docnick & hellokit. This gives us a few things to look into/think about. Good Holidays to you!