Fix SRS light (with/without fixing the issue)

2005 Toyota Corolla with manual transmission

The car was flooded couple of years ago. At that time, the computer had to be replaced. Water didn’t get in the engine. No driveability issues or performance issues so far. In fact, it has very good gas mileage and acceleration. And no error codes. However, the srs light stayed on since. Took it to the dealer. They said that their scanner was unable to communicate with the srs computer under the dash. And quoted work that would cost more than the value of the car. Hence, the light stayed on. I don’t have a way to know if the airbags will deploy or not (short of ramming the car in to a tree). To me it seems like the problem is partially or wholly on the passenger side seat sensors. And, in the worst case, a bad srs computer. When someone sits on the passenger seat, the passenger airbag light does not go off.

I watched a ton of videos on related issues, but I am hesitant to do something that might deploy the airbags (if they are still working and armed). Couldn’t find anything specific to my kind of a situation. In all videos that I could find, the srs computer was not damaged and mostly done on other make/models (not sure how wiring is different). Heard that I could blow some fuses or the computer if I mess up any connection. Anyone worked on a similar issue on a corolla?

I want to turn that light off, with or without fixing the issue, which I think may or may not be too expensive (depending on what it is). Of course I want to fix it if it is not too expensive, but at least I want the srs light to be off (and stay off) without throwing any error codes. Your thoughts and suggestions on approaching the issue - from the easiest to hardest. Things that I should watch out for. Appreciate all you suggestions and tips.

Fix it or put tape over light and always wear the seat belts. More problems are likely to show up because of water damage and at that point just salvage the vehicle.

Airbags and airbag controllers aren’t a diy’er project, too dangerous. Ask you dealership if that light is on, does it mean the air bag will never deploy? Or does it mean they may or may not deploy? Or does it mean some will, and some won’t. At least you’d have something to go with then. This is something you’ll either have a have fixed by a pro, or just live with the light being on. I’ve been driving a Corolla for 26 years with non-functioning air bags. well, no air bags came with the Corolla at the time … :slight_smile: … works for me anyway.

From what I know if the SRS light is on, more likely it airbag will not deploy in case there’s an accident. So I recommend have it checked instead of risking.