Fix or Trade


I am trading my POS 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee for a Toyota, the driver side window motor is broke (I know b/c a month ago it did it on the passenger side). Should I spend $100 Deductible to fix the window or trade it with the window down?


Whomever you trade it in to will deduct the amount of the window repair from what they will give you for it.

How do you know the problem is in the motor and not in the switch? Switches go out far more often than the motors. Do you hear ANYTHING happening inside the door when you hit the switch?


This is common in 01 Jeeps; the window fell itself, the exact same thing with the other window a month ago. Seems to be the heat, so will they deduct the warranty price or the full mechanic repair or the body shop of the dealer repair?


is there a recall on this model? call the dealership with your VIN and ask if any recalls are on the vehicle.


If it is still under warranty, I’d get it fixed first. Is that why you mentioned the warranty? The Toyota dealer won’t mess with getting warranty work done unless thay are also a Jeep dealer. It’s much easier to just deduct the cost of the repair from the amount they pay you for it.