Can Anyone Help me?

Regarding my aging 1997 Jeep Cherokee: I would prefer to have it repaired and continue to drive it as long as I can. Currently, it has about 155K miles on it. What would you say a reasonable estimate and what engine/transmission work would you say needs to be done to bring the vehicle into good drivable condition given the following problems: Sputtering when warm – (I’ve been told it may be a problem with the oxygen sensor), slightly shudders at normal road speeds (30-40 mph), window repairs (front driver’s can hear motor working, rear passenger cannot hear motor working), back hatch will not open with key or remote, blower fan switch only works on #4 setting, probably catalytic converter replacement and finally, rearview mirror re-attched to the windsheild. I had the distributor replaced a few months ago and was told that the distributor on the vehicle was the original equipment. I don’t have any repair records so I don’t know exactly how committed to regular maintenance the previous owner(s) was/were.

It’s impossible for anyone to guess what engine and tranny work is needed without knowing the maintenance history of the vehicle and whether it’s an automatic or a manual. And how it’s operating right now othere than the shudder mentioned.

Sputtering when warm and slight shudder could both be an oxygen sensor. What were the codes?

Window motor noise: is the problem that you can hear the driver’s windw motor or that you cannot hear the rear passenger’s window motor? Do they both work?

Back hatch will not open: have you tried cleaning/spraying with a cleaner/lubricant?

Blower fan only works on #4: your resister block is shot. On #4 the resister block is bypassed and the voltage paplied difectly to the fan motor.

Rearview mirror reattacvhment: $3.98 or less for mirror adhesive at the parts store.

Do you plan to do all the aork yourself?

To answer your questions:
Tranny seemed fine until the sputter started…tried to get that repaired after a little while (hence the new distributor) at Pepboys but they didn’t find the problem. All winter very little problem with sputter and no shudder. Shudder is recent within past week or so.
The motor is operating on the driver’s window but doesn’t seem to be on the rear pass window. I believe it is the plastic part in the window regulator on driver window and motor (hopefully not!) on rear pass.
Looks like they re-attached the mirror once already…is same solution likely to work?
I know very little about cars but am willing to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty ---- on the windows and lift hatch and maybe even the resisteer block…but I feel the motor and possible tranny problems are out of my league.

Is the check engine light on?? What engine option is installed in this Jeep? The doors/hatch can be fixed in an hour or two by someone who knows what they are doing…Parts stores sell a special CYa glue kit for mirrors that DO work…The trick is, get ALL the old glue cleaned off BOTH pieces…And DON’t glue the mounting pad on upside-down or backwards!! Check its orientation 3 times before you glue it on!

At 155K, the transmission could fail at any time. They don’t last forever. Many vehicles like yours are scrapped at this point, the owners overwhelmed by the repair costs…

Check Engine light is on but haven’t had the codes checked since the distributor replacement. Not sure what you mean by Engine option but I’ll take a stab at it 4.0 inline 6 cyl. Been looking at rebuilt transmissions but what will be the best signs that it is time to replace it short of being left stranded on the street somewhere?

I read 4 forums like this one for the past 4 yrs and the biggest mistake people make is useing tire,ammico,muffler and trans shops for repair and finding trouble.
Ask around for good local shop and do not let them throw parts trying to fix. If they say you need a ox sensor ask why,did they test it,could it be anything else.
Is your check engine light on? If so call parts stores till you find one that will read codes,write them down and post here.

Never do a trans flush, drop pan and clean and clean or replace filter.
Window and back door SHOULD be able to get fixed for $50-$300

Thank you!

For the engine option, Caddyman means that more than one engine was available in that Jeep and it’ll help to know which you have.

For the window, you can remove the inner door panel and check for voltage at the motor. If there’s voltage when the button is pushed, the motor is shot. In some vehicles the entire regulator assembly needs to be replaced, in others the motor can be replaced without replacing the entire assembly. I don;t knoow which the Jeep has.

Stop by AutoZone and get the codes read for free. Post them here. It’s highly likely that the codes are related to the shudder.

The good news is that I see nothing in your post so far that’s not affordably repairable. There’s no sign in the items you list that the engine or tranny is shot.

One more suggestion: pick up a Haynes Repair Manual at the local AutoZone while they’re reading your codes. That’ll be a huge help to you in both understanding and repairing the items.

Thank you for your advice. I’ll go to AutoZone to get the codes read. Maybe at the same time I’ll be able to convince them to check the voltage at the window motor since I don’t have a voltmeter…but then again maybe I’ll just have to get one and do it myself. It will be good experience. I’ve already had my eye on the Haynes manual. I knew I could get one online but wondered if I might get it in an autoparts store. I’m glad to hear that it doesn’t seem like I need to junk the ol’ jeep. I kind of like her.

Pull the inner door panel before you go to AutoZone and you’ll be more likely to get them to check the voltage for a minimal cost.

You can check the engine with a compression test. You can also put a timing light on it to see how much wobble there is in the timing. These two tests will tell you more about the condtion of the engine than all the codes in the world. Also remove and evaluate the condition of the plugs. As far as the transmission, is it an automatic? Why would anyone buy a jeep with an automatic? A standard 4x4? I doubt if it would need more than a new clutch. as for the little things, the guys have spoken, I say, dont sweat it. And as far as jeeps in general, the wrangler is the only one I’d ever even consider.