Fix my 99 Dodge Dakota v6 Auto.problem

OK people this could be a tough one!Recently I did a valve job on my 99 Dodge Dakota. Was running fine but now after i start up and 1/2 mile of driving, it sputs and lose power I put it in N and race it a couple of times and runs fine until its stop and the cycle starts again. I have replaced the idle vacumn, speed sensor, dist. cap, wires, plugs and had the Dist. index on a elct. meter $$$ but its still has the same prob. I need some help big time help solved this mystery. Thanks for looking…

My guess would be a faulty fuel pump. How many miles on the truck?

Have you scanned the computer for trouble codes?? I would start there.


I was told that if it was the fuel pump that it would act that way all the time?

Truck has 82K on it.

Would you know this code no. P0132,02 Sensor Circuit high voltage (bank
1 sensor 1) Does this mean to replace the 02 Sensor?

My problem is solved. It was the front 02 sensor giving a bad signal to my PCM (to much gas) therefore making my PCM making giving a leaner mixture causing all my problems. Thanks guys Justin D.